Updating favicon

I have a favicon that I would like to put on my brand new Magento install. Using the admin panel, I uploaded the file to After saving the file, it shows its location as "default/favicon.gif". Viewing the source code shows me the favicon location as Okay, I'm seeing that as well.

(I think I hadn't flushed caches when I tested on another browser earlier.

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Finally read the description how to set up favicon to your site!

..good at all - as every time your customer will update the template he will lose the favicon as it will be replaced by the joomla favicon again...

Magento 2 favicon format: Magento accepts ICO, PNG, JPG, and SVG file types, although not all browsers support these formats.

The most widely supported file format to use for a favicon is ICO.

Favicon is short for “favorite icon,” and refers to the little icon on the tab of each browser page.

Depending on the browser, the favicon also appears in address bar, just before the URL.There are many free tools available online that you can use to generate an ICO image or convert an exiting image to the format.By this tutorial, you don’t have to know the Magento 2 favicon path in the hosting server, all you need to do is configure in the backend, very easy right?After doing so, click to save at the bottom of the page then click to view your website.If you do not see your favicon, it's possible you need to hard refresh the page.Favicons are generally 16 x 16 pixels or 32 x 32 pixels in size. So make sure that your favicon image is already in these format before uploading to the server.