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However, the fields after the text box are correctly numbered (i.e, they take the text box field into account for increasing their number).

If you want to update all captions, doing a Print Preview worked for me. My question is tho, how can one also 'assign' referenced figures '(Fig.4)' in the text to do the same thing - aka change when an image is added above it? In word go to Insert and Cross-ref and assign the ref.

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UPDATE 4/10/2015: Note that you need to make sure that all of your pages are the same size.On one copy/paste, I noticed that the copied pages were A4, while my normal pages were letter size. See the Graphic to the Right What happened: I have no idea.Delete them.” I’ve included a picture to show the draft button at the bottom right of the window. I am trying to automatically update certain information (such as names, dates and numbers) across 3 different Word documents by putting the data into a spreadsheet and linking to the respective cells from Word.So updating the link works, but only if you're willing to click the "activate Macros" button of a few dozen times. Close '## reset the previous value and Quit the Word Application Word Application. Update Links At Open = update Links ' Word Application.

I tried to automate updating all fields in a document from Word with VBA, but that has the same problem, it also brings up the Macros dialog constantly for half a minute. Here's my code for that: I also tried to update the Word documents directly from the spreadsheet, but that does not work either, because when Excel tries to open a Word document via VBA the program stops executing and trows this error: "Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action." Clicking ok and waiting does not help because the error message reappears after a few seconds, and the only way to stop it is to manually kill the Excel process. Here's my Excel Macro code: 0 Run Update(Path & "\" & Word File) Word File = Dir Loop End Sub Function Update(Filepath As String) Dim Word Doc As Word. Open(Filepath) 'This produces the error Active Document. Update End Function Note that the only files in the folder are the 3 documents and the spreadsheet, and the program does find the files without any problems. When I run it, I just get the "Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action." error over and over again and Excel becomes otherwise completely unresponsive. The spreadsheet has some Macros in it which auto-update parts of the spreadsheet internally.Everything is working fine, except for updating the links in the Word documents.I have MS Word document which contains around 50 images with caption.