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And logging on the "Function Name" tab (used to be called the "Develop" tab, I think) is showing current invocations.

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Espressif provides the basic hardware and software resources that help application developers to build their ideas around the ESP32 series hardware.

The software development framework by Espressif is intended for rapidly developing Internet-of-Things (Io T) applications, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, power management and several other system features.

To be able to proceed further, connect ESP32 board to PC, check under what serial port the board is visible and verify if serial communication works. On Git Hub the submodules are represented as links to other repositories and require this additional command to get them onto your PC.

If you are not sure how to do it, check instructions in section v2.0-beta2 Flashing binaries to serial port /dev/tty USB0 (app at offset 0x10000)... If you would like to use specific release of ESP-IDF, e.g.

There is still something weird happening - invocations do not show up immediately.

Runtime is set to ~1 - these are compiled C# Functions with App Insights enabled.

Invocation shows in the log window, but not under the Monitor tab.

I actually have issues here - I have a timer-triggered Function that runs every 20 seconds.

There is a known bug Azure/azure-webjobs-sdk-script#1474 where if its explicitly set then your monitor page won't work correctly.

Confirmed that removing the host ID fixed this in my Function App.

It is not doing much work, but logs invocations to App Insights fine. A test build of the same Functions running ~1 in a different Plan are also displaying incorrect invocation information. @sjwaight Do you happen to have a host ID specified in your host.json?