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In addition, these jobs generally require background checks due to the sensitive nature of the materials the individual handles on a daily basis - this is where the former military member's clearance becomes a valuable commodity.The importance of a security clearance does not stop with defense contractors.

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Tony Scott, the Obama administration’s chief information officer, told lawmakers he hopes the process will take more advantage of automation to lower the cost. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.), the top Democrat on the Oversight Government Operations subcommittee. Evanina promised to get back to him soon with answers and a decision on whether other online identities should be part of a background investigation.Some lawmakers said they worry the government will scoop up too much detail in its net. “We’re talking about the block party in July in my cul-de sac. How do we make sure we don’t have some enormous depository of government information” that’s kept? The largest source of individuals with security clearances is the military population.Once this group finishes their military career, the majority pack up their uniform and security clearance to look for a civilian job.Where do we allocate [these searches] during the investigative process?

It will be resource-intensive.” Right now, private companies charge the government anywhere between 0 and 0 to screen one applicant’s social media postings.

Various other work takes place in secured facilities.

The occupant of any such job is said to hold a "sensitive" position, defined as "any position, by virtue of its nature, could bring about a material adverse effect on national security".

“We haven’t identified the full value of social media,” Evanina said.

“Is the effort and resource allocation worthy of collecting it?

Applicants for clearances will not be required to disclose Facebook “friends” whose names are otherwise hidden, or reveal all of their Twitter handles.