Updating old brick fireplace ana ukraine 32 dating

A mantel surround encases the fireplace along the sides and top to inject color and visual appeal.

A creamy white mantel can provide a stark contrast and modern update against red brick.

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Next, clean the bricks with a solution of vinegar mixed with warm water.

Immerse a stiff brush into the solution and lightly scrub your fireplace to clean the dirt and residue off of the bricks.

Updating a red brick fireplace provides a visual lift to an entire room.

Whether you're updating the red brick to complement a new decorating style or simply sprucing up the existing decor, inject new life into your current fireplace with a makeover.

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Have you been wanting to make a change, but can’t afford a full fireplace makeover?

For a high-tech feel, attach a flat screen television above your fireplace to add a modern update that's also functional.

Try hanging a large, decorative mirror over your fireplace to reflect the activity and furnishings in the room, helping to make a small room feel more spacious.

A black mantel adds a touch of sophistication to a brick fireplace.

Mantel shelves and surrounds are available in a variety of styles to fit almost any decor.

Blackened soot, ashes and dust particles can accumulate on the exterior and interior spaces of a fireplace, making the bricks look old and dirty.