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Starforce is easily the most worst and dangerous form of DRM, if its on your PC I highly recommend a full backup and format, Starforce damaged my DVD drive at one stage resulting in having to replace it- for some reason the drive broke when it did its usual disc checking.

Also updating starforce is a bitch due to massively inconsistent programming- an update to one of your games can in fact render it not playable.. There's so many games that I can't play due to this crap being on the disc, and its such a shame because some of them weren't that bad.

One is on adultfanfiction under the pen name sheltie87 and the other on the site called archiveofourown under the pen name sheltie1987.Hi, I've been doing quite a bit of digging today trying to figure out why my friend cannot play Trackmania Nations Forever.Games falling into this “single-player only” category will be marked as such.EA Accounts exist for two purposes: To activate and run the game.TK Takaishi & Kari Kamiya (Takari) Digimon - tied with Taiora as my fav Digi pairings.

I also love Twilight Princess too Super Smash The Kingdom Hearts gamesany Pokemon game really Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy 7Final Fantasy 7Soul Calibur 2The Simpsons game (it's the Simpsons need I say more)Skies of Arcadia (I played it when it got ported to the Gamecube)Megaman Starforce games Fav.

This requires a constant Internet connection, even in single-player modes.

The benefit to this, however, is that DLC, if it exists, is more easily managed than below. In this case, the EA account is not required to access single-player (in some cases, it may be required to activate the game).

the bitch of a starforce website sayes that it is supported by windows 7, i updated it to the newest version and it says that it was made in feb 2009 which is useless, and yea your right the driver wont uninstall and the tools they give you dont work...

so now i have six games i bought that wont work thx any way for leting me know there is nothing, i hope the lazy ass's make a new update...

As well as adding in the other two Chasers, Angelina Johnson and Alicia Spinnet too.