Updating the maps on my garmin Live sexy black webcam chatting

Just received a reply from Garmin Product Support as follows: "Thank you for contacting Garmin Australasia Support.

Sensis will still be providing maps updates for the Nuvi 760. Very vague but at least it looks like we will be getting Sensis map updates.

But anyway, I figured that it might be worth my while to just pay the 185 bucks or so for the lifetime garmin map.So here I was, clicking on a bunch of stuff on the garmin purchasing website, and all I ever reach is the garmin map updater, and it keeps saying my updates are all up to date.For all I know Sensis haven't updated their maps since earlier this year and 2012.20 is the latest update) and even if their conditions hold up and complaints go nowhere, at the very least a lot of people would not buy another Garmin.The 1450T is an older model so had the Sensis maps.Garmin make a good product but their definition of 'lifetime' is not mine, and I doubt it would be that of ACCC. from what I recall at the time.read that it was lifetime of the device (ie, device dies, thats the lifetime)... tough luck" The 'change of map provider' condition is in Garmin's promotional T&Cs, in addition to the 'life of the device.' The issue would come down to what's a reasonable expectation of 'lifetime' in relation to the product.

I have also been waiting for the latest map updates and wondering when or if they will be releasing an updated version. Two years might be seen as reasonable given that the useful life of the device itself is probably not much more than 3-4 years.Interestingly, the update issue was resolved after trying one last thing – which was a reboot of my computer (winxp sp3 system). Anyhow, if it is possible for garmin to just let me pay for the lifetime map update thing, then that would be great.But at the moment, it just looks like if our map is up to date, then there appears to be no way for us to get to the stage of choosing the lifetime update and paying for it!What the hell is going on with your map update process? Wonder if garmin will play santa and release the sensis map update for the nuvis with lifetime map updates or we have to buy the new ones with navteq maps in them to get any more updates been 5 months now since 2013.2 was released but you can get the 2013.3 updates for the nuvis with navteq maps installed I certainly hope so, otherwise they may well find themselves on the wrong side of the ACCC.Although, AFAIK, you can't install Nav Teq maps on the previous models so that limiting of options might be seen as legally suss.