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Also tried to add the service just to try and still get the same error.Using Visual Studio 2010 Here are the error details. Can you retrieve the WSDL using your browser over HTTPS?The vendor had changed the tags in their web service and asked us to update.

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Since IE is TLS 1.2 enabled, that's why we are able to see the response from WSDL per the vendor.

So I was able to save the WSDL locally and added the reference and build the project which is a success and no errors. Now the WSDL is stored locally and the VS 2010 solution is able to generate the client. Do I still need to do the registry steps, if someone can review.

Our goal in Part 2 will be to write a Share Point external data source application that can access the ADP Employease web service and retrieve and display data.

In order to simplify the code and display process, we will be creating a console application in Visual Studio. NET Framework 2.0 Add a reference to WSE 3.0 In order to instantiate a User Token conforming to the WS-I basic security profile, we will need to add a reference to the WSE 3.0 package.

This can be done in Solution Explorer by right clicking the Test App project and clicking on the WSE Settings 3.0 item in the menu.

On the General tab, click the checkbox to enable the project for Web Services.This is includes all mentions on your website, all of your local business listings/citations, and all unstructured references on blogs, news sites, etc. This post is part of an ongoing series about how references work.And for this new error, I would suggest you post a new thread and share us how you got this error.Best Regards, Edward MSDN Community Support Please remember to click "Mark as Answer" the responses that resolved your issue.Updating the profile from the reference host is performed from the Host Profiles main view.