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Jeanne is more berry, rosy, and musky but not anything loud, sharp, resinous, overly sweet or head ache inducing.I barely detect the citrus which is fine by me because loud citruses smell more like lemon furniture polish on me. This is a very simple, quiet, safe, rose-y, musky, and enjoyable scent to wear anytime, anywhere. This could easily be a scent for the CLEAN brand fragrances because it brings to mind a fresh laundry softener smell after taking the clothes out of the dryer.

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Jeanne has a fresh, berry start and a lovely dry down to sandalwood and vanilla.

It's nothing earth-shatteringly innovative, but it's well executed.

The fragrance can be worn anywhere including work, although I think it's way too pretty and seems to want you to wear her to someplace special like on a date. Fragrance Review For Jeanne Lanvin Top Notes Black Berry Lemon Pear Middle Notes Peony Freesia Raspberry Rose Base Notes Sandalwood Amber Musk This is a sweet homage to Jeanne Lanvin, whose fashion designs were sometimes obscured by the shadow of Chanel.

This is a sweet fruity floral and amber perfume without complexities, without sex appeal, without a dark coloring, it's pink, sweet, innocent and a little girl, like Alice from Alice in Wonderland in a perfume.

Thick heavy glass with a beautiful fabric tag for the nameplate with tulle fabric tied around it for an extra flourish. The raspberry burst and lemon really makes this similar to Dior Shine. **************************************************************************************and I forgot to mention that this bottle is great!

The lid is beautifully engraved with the Lanvin mother/child logo. Thick fabric nameplate and sheer netting material , super pretty.

The fruit scent of sweet pears and some black berry not to mention raspberry gives it a candied tone, like fruit candy. It can feel deep and like wild berries in the forest.

The scent then turns floral with soft flowers of peony freesia and pink rose. The notes you instantly smell upon spraying are blacberry and lemon which then turns into pear and something floral.

I evaluate this: Smell: 9/10 Projection: 6/10 Longevity: 6/10 Jeanne is as delicate as the first morning light.

It's a perfect morning fragrance (and because its longevity is short, it will be gone by lunch).

In France Jeanne represents a simple girl, who wears no makeup, who is rather shy, and not complex..scent represents well such a plain Jeanne, nice , easy to wear, casual, rather unpretentious...