Valenti international dating service

I am still trying to get an answer on what happened to the last introduction after a few months of silence.

Anyone can say anything about anyone and hide behind the Freedom of Speech.I did my research before becoming a client and 3 years is the longest this type of service can contract with a client. I am a current Valenti Client and am not impressed with my "2" whole introductions I have had in the past two years.Kelleher International has set the Gold Standard in upscale, selective, and personalized matchmaking.Armed with the largest private database of accomplished singles in the country, our "boutique" style of matchmaking assigns a matchmaker, client liaison and scout to our clients in order to provide a truly unique and personalized service that has built Kelleher International's reputation as the most sought after leader in exclusive dating for 30 years.There are previous law suits lost by Valenti International, I just wished I would have read them first because not only would I have saved money but the emotional stress to be after Valenti staff to do and honor their contract.

I am also a successful Valenti International client and I think it's sad that people can make false claims and give incorrect information with no proof.

to "introductions" that never called, sent text messages asking me for a photo, or called to talk but not meet, which I suspected were Valenti consultants in disguise.

The worst was having to advance schedule "consultations" (5-minutes with the psychologist) 2 weeks out to be told absolutely nothing concrete about the person except he's "great." They won't tell you age, kids, previous marriages. i only wish that this information was available before Irene Valenti personally met with me and took my money.

I promise you'll have a more personalized and pleasant experience on I would have definately picked better restaurants and times. i also wish that i had seen that her fees were only 5, 000-50, 000.

she took 6 figures from me YES I SAID 6 FIGURES and i got the same results as the complaints above.

There is no "statue" (notice the complainer can't spell, it should be "statute"). Also, the Doctors must have been on vacation on the last introduction. Maybe the recession has caused their clientel to vanish. I was really looking forward to their services, however, the impersonable way I am being treated since they got their half of the contract is just ridiclulous.