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Another great example of folks using fractal antennas: enabling but low key.

They’re small, they fit in recessed pockets, and they make the ultimate hideaway. Not just a pun on our CEO, they are a great example of a production antenna for one of our customers, designed, manufactured, and sold by FRACTAL , tailored for their need and application.

The frigid arctic is a hostile place where friendly people keep connected via FM broadcast.

Cohen, often dubbed “The Source”, created fractal antenna elements and fractal resonators 30 years ago.

Today, in 2017, these technologies define the cutting edge of electromagnetics and electronics.

FRACTAL’s CEO Nathan Cohen gives the scoop: “Others’ previous reviews, including textbook chapters, are poor at best, and none of them even bothered to ask for the pioneer’s input or critique.

In contrast, this primer provides an authoritative,correct, accessible, and helpful introduction.

3D printing plays an integral part in making many of our successful fractal-based antennas for our customers. The Radio Club of America, the world’s oldest and most prestigious organization of wireless professionals, recently inducted FRACTAL CEO Nathan Cohen as a Fellow.

Cohen was inducted for: “pioneering a paradigm shift in radio and electromagnetics with fractal antennas, fractal metamaterials, invisibility cloaks, and electromagnetic deflectors”.

On August 25th, TEAM FRACTAL gave the first off-site, live demonstration of an invisibility cloak.

In front of 150 radio amateurs and guests, we showed a working cloak and made a metal mast disappear. FRACTAL welcomes two fulltime engineers to TEAM FRACTAL this Fall.

Nathan Cohen will be giving the much awaited 25th ANNIVERSARY FRACTAL COLLOQUIUM in Boston at the IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society meeting on Oct 25.

And it’s true--there is a live invisibility cloak demonstration!

Thousands of travelers get more productive daily thanks to airborne wifi services--now enabled with our own fractal antennas.