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All but the most trivial websites need to implement some form of a navigational user interface.The navigation user interface may be a simple list of links to the various sections of the site.For some alternate Site Map provider implementations, refer to the Further Readings section at the end of this tutorial.

We also need some means to define the site's logical structure in a maintainable and updateable fashion.

As new pages are added or existing pages removed, we want to be able to update a single source - the site map - and have those modifications reflected across the site's navigational user interface.

Example: Gridview loads on page load event, in first column I have select button and when I want to select first row, after clicking on select gridview is refreshing and changing color of that row.

Problem is if I have a new row in Grid after clicking on button select it will select that new first row except one that I select.

The site map data can be bound to other data Web controls using the Site Map Data Source and can be accessed programmatically via the class.

Since a thorough discussion of the Site Map framework and the Navigation controls is beyond the scope of this tutorial series, rather than spend time crafting our own navigational user interface let's instead borrow the one used in my These four overloads differ on the amount of information that is collected.

The initial infection may be inevitable, so the best protection is to be fully prepared.

In this tutorial we will explore using the Membership framework (via the Sql Membership Provider) to create new user accounts. We will see how to create new users programmatically and through ASP. In addition to learning how to create new user accounts, we will also need to update the demo website we first created in the objects for authenticated users.

In this tutorial and the next three we will be examining various Membership-related functions and capabilities. NET pages to implement the topics examined throughout these tutorials.

Let's create those pages and then a site map file tutorial, this is useful in pages where we do not want to display login-related options in the left column.

From the dialog box, opt to add a file of type Site Map named to the Project's Root Directory (Click to view full-size image) The XML site map file defines the website's structure as a hierarchy.