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The gentleman sitting next to him in the waiting room was interested in the radio and asked about it ‑ he'd never seen a six-frequency HT-200 (stock was two channels maximum) with eight switchable PL encode tones (max was one tone, and that required the long case) and a 16-button backlit touchtone pad (touchtone in any form wasn't available at all) ‑ and they started talking.In the course of the conversation the gentleman claimed that he worked for Moto Land Mobile Research and Development.

The significant change with is that the view is made completely passive and is no longer responsible for updating itself from the model.As a result all of the view logic is in the controller.This is the same technique that you would use for Supervising Controller.As with Supervising Controller I've shown a stub here, but this is also a good opportunity to use a mock. With the view reduced to a dumb slave of the controller, you run little risk by not testing the view.The controller can run and be tested outside of the UI environment - indeed if you use a Test Double for the view you don't need to even have the UI classes available to you. There's very little reliance on Observer mechanisms or declarative mappings.

This makes it much easier to read the code to see what is happening - particularly useful if you're trying to debug when things go wrong.A common problem I’m seeing is Windows Vista hanging at a black blank screen when it boots up.This guide walks you through one simple attempt to fix Windows Vista and get it to boot up again.This is part of the Further Enterprise Application Architecture development writing that I was doing in the mid 2000’s.Sadly too many other things have claimed my attention since, so I haven’t had time to work on them further, nor do I see much time in the foreseeable testing, as a result it's often valuable to use of Test Double for the view so that the controller can be tested without needing any interaction with the UI framework.