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It got me to realize how bad my shopping/mall habits were (I always went when bored), and rarely have the urge to go anymore :)] This one is pretty popular with people because it only requires you to put some cash in a jar once a week – no other work required!

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Whichever the method, it all goes to siphoning away money without any extra thoughts on your behalf.And the longer you leave it be, the bigger your stash will get!It is much easier to stay in and not spend when it’s cold outside. I have a rule like that for tattoos :) If I still want it in two years I’m allowed to get it! though now I’m just bad at following through so I don’t have any others outside the first I got…I’ve been wanting these sparrow birds going on 10 years!!But I fared better at the grocery store this month — I’ve only spent , and because I used coupons and the sales, I saved — a 48% savings rate!

(that’s *my* kind of savings rate, obviously other PF bloggers have a different idea of savings rates!

(I have 6 months planned out, and have to come up with ideas for the other 6 months). We have a few things that we’ve planned to sell, but actually putting the effort into selling is too much, so we haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I can’t imagine trying to sell something each and every day! Reply I love the “no spend” challenge and currently have a number of clients living it because of debt they racked up over the holidays.

A lot of different ideas here, but really the only ones that matter are the ones you *take action* on ;) So hopefully you do – whether it’s your own, or one or two from here. ———— PS: If you like that piece of artwork up there, you should see my business card. I’d rather just sell then all and be done with it though :) I’ve always liked the penny/change jar. No spend challenge sounds the best though, you can’t argue that won’t save you a boat load of cash! Reply We are doing the 52 week challenge right now, putting in double the weekly amounts.

Reply I lasted only like a week when I first gave it a shot, but now I’m pretty good at looking around the house and asking myself what I can get rid of/sell/donate. I would love to enter that giveaway at Jeff’s site but I don’t want another savings account floating out there.

All you do is throw your spare change at the end of every night into a jar and watch it pile up!