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Because of this, she may think, “How can I compete with the young girls in porn?

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Furthermore, thanks to plastic surgery, makeup, and digital photographic enhancement, most of the women in pornography do not exist in real life.They are too “perfect.” A wife in her mid-thirties, who has had a few children, might be very beautiful; however, she does not look like a 19-year-old.Joe admitted he had a problem with Internet pornography and vowed to get help.He was truly sorry for hurting Patty, but he could not understand why she was so upset about it.Men were created to be the leaders, providers, and protectors of their wives and families.

Pornography prevents men from being able to fulfill these roles because it leads a man to isolate himself and neglect his wife and children. In addition to the emotional effects that pornography has on wives and marriages, porn use can also have physical ramifications.

For many women, discovering that their husbands watch porn is similar to uncovering an extramarital affair.

As a result, they experience a variety of emotions: anger, hurt, sadness, betrayal, and rejection.

With this comes the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Related: Porn–A Gateway Drug With one couple I treated, the wife found out about her husband’s pornography/sex addiction from her physician.

When a man and woman marry, they vow to love, honor and cherish each other for the rest of their lives.