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The vintage film explores the preferred way to request a girl's company to a dance in the Forties, the best way to introduce yourself to her family, how to dress on a date, how to learn your date's likes and dislikes and how to best handle oneself on the dance floor.After the dance the film watches as the couples head to a late-night diner for post-prom sustenance - during which Frank 'helps' Helen by ordering for her - and then shows the boys returning the girls to their homes: Jerry and Margaret, who have been dating for some time, share a goodnight kiss, while Frank and Helen, who are on their first date, shake hands.

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One summer, when several children on the next block died, we were forbidden even to leave our yard to play with the kid next door.That summer a social worker came to each house, I remember, and gave me a coloring book and crayons./*************** Theme: Pandella *************/ /*************** Theme Version: 1.0.3 ************/ /* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.GENERAL COLOR -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */ @media (min-width: 1170px) body .event-list-cal-excerpt #event-list-cal a .woocommerce #content div.product .variations label, .woocommerce div.product .variations label, .woocommerce-page #content div.product .variations label, .woocommerce-page div.product .variations label #searchform input[type="submit"] /* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.Later, in the 1950s, at a small carnival in a Minnesota village, I remember paying a quarter to go inside a trailer to see a girl somewhat older than myself who lived in an iron lung, because illness (I assumed it was polio) had made her unable to breathe on her own.

A decade later, when I was a junior or senior at U Cal Berkeley, (so it must have been 1962 or '63), we all gathered near Sather Gate and were each handed a sugar cube soaked in the Sabin vaccine in a tiny paper cup, and the fear of polio became only a memory.The book dealt with concentration camps and the Holocaust and the diary of Anne Frank, as well as telling about a little Jewish girl from Austria whose mother sewed money for their escape into her rag doll.The book told about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the little Japanese girl, Sadako, who tried to fold a thousand paper cranes, thinking that would counter the leukemia she got from the radiation of the A-bomb.Of course by the 1950's, air raid drills were replaced with bomb shelters and practicing what to do (hide under our desks) when Russia dropped H-bombs on us.In Shorewood, where we lived, most of the neighbors were of German background and, according to my parents, the FBI came around asking if the neighbors were holding meetings or singing war-like songs or doing anything suspicious. Listening to the big mahogany console radio that still had bite marks from my teething days on its corner...trying to get a clear connection with Edward R.In a stage whisper Ahmed said, “Where’s the handsome English captain I saw you with at Pastroudis this afternoon? “Ah, I swear on the Prophet that the English are very good people.