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Len has a date with his assistant Melanie, and Sarah is like, “Ew, you wanted to hit that for four years while we were together! ) Len says the important thing is that he didn’t until they were broken up.

Josh, Sarah, and Ali head to their mother's, and they’re surprised “Moppa” is also there. Maura is perfecting her Jewish-mother guilt trip when she finally brings up how they ditched her on the night of her big performance. (Not really.) Anyway, they called them to Shelley’s house because they wanted to give the kids the chance to say good-bye to Ed. Sarah, Shelley, and Maura talk about using an overdose of Percocet to kill Ed. Is he really moving, or is this a metaphor for death? It’s unclear because the next scene we see flashes back to 1994. (As does the audience; we’ve only ever seen him incapacitated, but now he seems so lively.) He tells a silly dad-joke and the kids look unimpressed.

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Gervais plays the title character Derek Noakes who is a kind, selfless, good-natured caretaker at Broad Hill, and he loves to watch reality television, game shows and talk about animals.He has a childlike innocence and has no inhibitions which led viewers to question if he’s playing an autistic character or someone with a limited mental capacity, but Gervais hasn’t publicly said anything regarding that.In Lady Dynamite, we see Bamford putting the pieces back together with a sunny, cheerful, disposition that will easily win over viewers.It’s a surreal comedy that breaks the fourth wall repeatedly in the first season and fans of another Hurwitz series, will notice some similarities in that regard to recurring inside jokes. ” Josh, trying to win back his mother’s favor, coyly alludes to them dating. You wouldn’t know what love was if it straddled your stupid face.

Did someone put stellar acting in the water over on the set that day? Everyone is like, “Why do you have the rabbi’s number?Release Year: 2017 Creator: Joel Hodgson Starring: Felicia Day, Patton Oswalt, Jonah Ray The cult hit is back with a new cast as Jonah Ray hosts the remake for Netflix as he views real cheesy B movies with his robot buddies who keep him company as he’s being held captive by crazy scientists.Release Year: 2012Creator: Ricky Gervais Starring: Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington, Kerry Godliman, David Earl, Tim Barlow, Arthur Nightingale Comedy icon Ricky Gervais created, directed, wrote and stars in the Netflix original program Derek that takes us inside the walls of a nursing home and shows us a completely different side of Gervais we haven’t seen in his previous work. “I want you to be here.” Judith Light is also killing this scene., a well-written comedy is enough to make you forget about the stress from work or your personal life and leave your world and enter the world of the show you’re watching.He tells her the truth about cross-dressing camp, explaining a room full of straight men in dresses. “I’d love to share it with you.” It’s so adorable and earnest, and God, Tambor, stop breaking my heart. Apparently, Tammy is sober after being addicted to cocaine, so she wants Sarah to flush her weed because drugs are drugs, man. Tammy, putting up with no bad influences, has also kicked Bianca out of the house, and OH, GREAT, she’s staying with Josh. While 1994 Shelley is devastated by Mort as Maura, present-day Shelley is like, “So, what, who cares?