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Case repolished, replacement thermometer box, tube, hygrometer, level bezel, mirror and frame, pediment, finial and set key.Considerable restorations but a typical wheel barometer. Dimensions 10" x 38 ½" Ref: 1519 SOLD A traditional 8” dial dark mahogany veneered wheel barometer with shell & flower inlays, black & white stringing to edge of case, architectural pediment surmounted with original turned ball finial, long faded spirit filled thermometer, 8” dial inscribed ‘G Bartolla & Co.Despite the high level of restoration skilfully carried out in our own workshop, this is a fine example of a small dial barometer, increasingly scarce to obtain.The dial is of good quality, engraved in the centre with a map of the world.Re-polished, replacement finial, pediment repaired, replacement cast bezel and hands, replacement mercury tube.

Job Casteleti was estimated to be working between 1830 – 1850 in Leicester, 'Barometer Makers and Retailers 1660 – 1900' Edwin Banfield. This barometer, certainly a relative if not a son dating perhaps circa 1855.We often have unrestored barometers for sale and sell barometers before they get as far as the website so please contact us if you have any requirements.If you want to see our list of barometers restored and ready to sell now in our showroom please click here.With black and white stringing to case, level mirror, short mercury thermometer, hygrometer, swan neck pediment and broad sword style indicating and setting hands.Replacement thermometer complete, finial, set knob and tube. Dimensions 10" x 37 ¾" Ref 1522 SOLD An 8" dial mahogany mercury wheel barometer with swan neck pediment, hygrometer, long thermometer, dial and level plate, engraved 'A Solca Warranted'. Generally restored, resilvered dials, brass cleaned, replacement tube, set knob, finial and hygrometer clip. Circa 1865 Dimensions 9 ¾" x 37 ¾" Ref 1525 SOLD An 8" mahogany mercury wheel barometer, with black and white stringing to case, level plate Warranted Correct, convex mirror, short spirit thermometer, hygrometer, swan neck pediment with ivory or bone pateraes.ANTIQUE BAROMETERS MERCURY WHEEL BAROMETERS STICK AND FORTIN BAROMETERS ROUND ANEROIDS BANJO ANEROID BAROMETERS BAROGRAPHS POCKET ANEROID BAROMETERS / ALTIMETERS / DESK BAROMETERS MERCURY WHEEL BAROMETERS The following wheel barometers are some of the ones we have previously SOLD.