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Not only is it a creative (and more risqué) interpretation of a MAM cover, it's probably the only way we'll get to see a topless woman facing the guillotine at the hands of a psychotic Nazi, now that print GIMP media are no more.

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Especially the older model cars because newer model cars have more plastic body parts. If they act like the bad guys (torturing their captives, etc) then they are no longer the good guys, and for me they lose their appeal.I'm surprised no Gimp movie producers have tied a gimp to an old car body and done this kind of gimp scene or have they? In response to the comment about my superheroines being not so super; Well, the point of a superheroine peril is... If she's not in danger / being tortured / being executed, then it doesn't really qualify for a peril scene. So, hopefully this gives y'all some insight into my rather twisty mental creative process. The good guys or gals are not merciless and the bad guys or gals are always merciless.They are of low quality and seem to have been input some time ago. I haven't seen anyone else unsolicited say there's to many Fumetti here. A Canadian wrote: Torture Club is worth seeing but it's nothing to get excited about.As they were found on the 'net, I would not be surprised if you already have them. They deserve to be here as much as any other great GIMP artwork. As much as I appreciate your review AC, I don't agree that anything I can't get excited about is still worth seeing. Thanks for an informative write-up and those outstanding caps.I stand by my last comment that you can electrocute a person to death with 12v car battery which puts out much more amps needed to do so.

I have seen a person short out a car battery with a metal tool and burn and arc melt the metal so you can imagine what it would do to a human body under the right situation.

However, the text looks like it's been translated into Klingon (Russian maybe? She just exudes sex in her every movement and whimper throughout the entire film. Anyhow, I don't even know what her name is, or even if she ever did any other movies, because I'd LOVE to see her in something else, but since I've never known her name, I never knew how to search for her.

) so if there are any leads to the source, perhaps someone who speaks the language can assist. I'll post one or two full GIFS, and the rest will be thumbs. Thought that one was very well done with the news readers at the beginning and end making it feel like a real film, but wasn't actually that crazy about the Rape scene.

In their own way, these images help fill the void left by the now extinct MAM and fumetti classics.

Unlike the plethora of fetish photos and videos we see so frequently, hand-crafted art (like fiction) can depict scenes unconstrained by real life limitations, allowing the realization of anything the artist might imagine.

Additionally, at least in my mind, the heroines don't always lose. From a perilous point of view, those wouldn't be as interesting. On another note, I have been asked before about why I don't to a villainess peril scene (ie, the heroine torturing / executing the villainess), and the reason is quite simple. The good lawful people always punish the bad guys and gals, no matter how evil the murder act they did, as humanely and mercifully as possible. I have to tell you, the racism found in BDSM cartoons like Kathyrne's (always a white never a black victim, and far too often, black's as the villains).