Who is lil wayne dating now 2016

The girl who is at the epicenter of this feud is Lil Wayne’s girlfriend, Tammy Torres.

This fight began because Lil Wayne’s one-time protege, Drake slept with Lil Wayne’s girlfriend!

While on the show, Weezy spoke a little bit about NFL including the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots, as well as confirmed there will be 2 parts to his ” remix.Now Zoey has announced the collaboration will be released this week by replying to a fan on Twitter who had asked him about the remix.It would have hurt just as much if it was any other man.It could be that this happened because sometimes life imitates art. T-Pain that came out in 2011, Lil Wayne rapped about a girlfriend who cheated with his friend.Two men fighting over the same girl is a thing as ancient as mankind itself.

Still, there is nothing more exciting for onlookers than two men slugging it out over who gets the girl! The two men in question are rappers, Lil Wayne and Drake.

What’s worse is it happened when Lil Wayne was in jail serving time! Wayne is working on his tell-all book that he plans to release soon.

Excerpts of the book have been leaked and found their way into the media.

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He also writes about a time he playfully officiated a same-sex marriage between two inmates.