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In today's star-studded episode: Natalie Portman and Jason Schwartzman; Sandra Oh; Sean Penn; Ryan Phillippe, Eric Dane, and Ron Jeremy; David Spade; Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie, and Joel Madden; Matthew Perry, Allison Janney, and Melissa Fitzgerald; John Krasinski and Rashida Jones; Brian Grazer; David Beckham; Michael Vartan; Terry O' Quinn; James Denton; Henry Winkler; Jenna Fischer and David Alan Grier; Adrian Grenier; Juliette Lewis and Tyler Denk; Kristen Schaal and Rhys Darby; Andy Dick; Suze Orman; Danny Bonaduce; and Steven "Cojo" Cojocaru.· The wrong of my never having a celeb sighting at M Cafe de Chaya was righted on Friday when we saw the tiny and lovely Natalie Portman with a super cutie who appeared to be her BF.(Homeboy has a sort of Jude Law-esque pretty thing going on.) Then as I was driving away I caught a glimpse of them in the parking lot, where it turned out they ran into her recent co-star, the also diminutive Jason Schwartzman.Those Grey's folks are always out and about in Los Feliz and environs.· Just was on a plane (sunday, around 12) from san fran to los angeles with sean penn. In the restaurant, Ryan Philllipppe was having dinner with some friends who looked famous but I couldn't place them.

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So a big thank you to these four for giving my mom an US Weekly-tastic trip to Los Angeles! He was walking with a shorter dude with long hair and a hat, think he had a coffee.

· Mon 10/8 just spotted Matthew Perry ambling down the main street in The Grove. Maybe he'll be in the same showing of the movie we're seeing & I can spy on him some more...Matthew Perry WAS in my movie at The Grove ( Michael Clayton).

Then at dinner at The Ivy that night, David Spade was either meeting the mother of his really hot and really young girlfriend or out with his sister and his mom.

Not sure which, but he was a perfect gentleman, waiting for the ladies to use the bathroom and then helping them down the stairs.

Rashida Jones has the "I'm dating a famous guy" act down — making sure John Krasinski's hat is pulled way down, the white V-neck shirt properly untucked, and is shielded from the gaze of the 3rd street public by positioning him away from the door and covering the blind side with backs to the rest of the diners. ordering the food, aggressively finding proper seating, etc..

They sat at the community table and it looked to be a cause for serious concern.

I think they had just had brunch at Madam Matisse, red-sweatered dog in tow. I thought it was funny that his curly mane matched his surrounding location.

All groomed & shiny at the Roosevelt, then disheveled in Silver Lake.

So was an actress who used to be on The West Wing—she played CJ's assistant (Melissa Fitzgerald).

Then, on our way out, we spotted a rather blonde Allison Janney by the fountain.

She was with a bunch of friends and I think she was rockin' a cane. So it was West Wing Night at The Grove (since Perry guest starred on a couple episodes)!