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While there are certainly individuals who believe in a political double standard at ESPN, there are also many at the company who believe the heavy featuring of Clay Travis and Jason Whitlock on Fox-owned properties to bash ESPN is likely part of a orchestrated strategy to discredit ESPN in hopes disenfranchised viewers eventually adopt FS1.

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I’m not sure ESPN can do that much to mitigate cord-cutting, but whatever level of control they have in that outcome is probably much greater than their abilities to nip the growing political favoritism narrative that has increasingly become one of the more commonly cited gripes from sports fans about the network.

ESPN now lives in an era where every move they make will not only be scrutinized, but any maneuvering they do internally has a chance to leak out and be dissected under the harshest light.

Although Cohn’s comments on a radio show commenting on the effect of politics on ESPN’s business is not an apples to apples comparison to Hill’s comments on President Trump, the different outcomes the women faced was indicative for many of a double standard being applied from ESPN management.

Given the uproar to the Robert Lee story, I’d say it’s even money right now that Travis and Mc Henry reunite on Tucker Carlson tonight.

Cohn declined to comment, while ESPN cited a policy of not commenting on private conversations about social media usage with their employees.

Cohn is extremely well respected by her colleagues at ESPN, and many believe the discipline was unwarranted and-heavy handed.

As told by two individuals familiar with the situation, Cohn’s comments drew the ire of John Skipper, who reportedly told Cohn to take a day off to think about how her comments affected the network.

It’s not clear if this was a formal suspension but suffice to say, word of Cohn being on the receiving end of discipline from Skipper himself made the rounds in Bristol.

When Hill tweeted her comments, a suspension would have led to a controversy and uproar.

The course ESPN opted to take is obviously now inciting outrage on the other side of the political spectrum.

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