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With tremendous concern and love, we got her professional support and therapy…What we did not do was tell extended family members of these private problems.

We had seen their extreme intolerance for any kind of mental health issues and did not want our daughter to suffer prejudice from her own family.

In reading the letters from the parents who just cannot seem to figure out why their children have cut them off, a question arises. How such situations might be repaired is described by the letter writer of 4/5/14.When our daughter was a child, she had emotional issues and extensive anger management problems.All three of our children have grown to be successful, well-liked and respected adults.Sadly, over the past 22 years, they all have chosen to shut us out of their lives. We will always thank God for choosing us to be their parents.He was always close to his mother, and they would speak on a daily basis.

Now, he doesn't call or take our calls or emails, and never accepts cards or letters...— Tears in Vermont Thanks for printing the letter from "Joining the Letting Go Club," who feel rejected by their grown children.

Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar, there has recently been a series of letters from the parents of adult children who have cut them out of their lives.

The parents complain that they have absolutely no idea why and do not understand what made this happen, and they seem to indicate that they had been just model parents or, at worst, guilty of some very minor parental transgressions.

There is no child on Earth who wants to not have parents.

If your kids have cut you out of their lives, there is a reason, and that reason is YOU. Sometimes aggrieved parents will give clues as to what is really going on themselves.

..— Reading This Can Help You often print letters from older parents dealing with rejection from their adult children. We had a typical loving family, with vacations, birthday parties and special celebrations that included friends and extended family.