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We now predict the 2nd fire sign of 1Kings18 to occur at sunrise or sunset on 2017Tebbeth10 (2018January2/3), the 26th Laodicean Baalian Pentecost from 2014Sivan1 (2600 BLC days later) and the 3rd fire sign to occur at sunset on 2017Tebbeth21 (2018January13/14), the late late 2NC Pentecost.These fire signs are nuclear terrorist attacks on Manhattan and East of London around Dartford producing mushroom clouds rising from the Hudson and the Thames. For the lightning of Matthew24 shines from the East to the West and Matthew16:1-4 and Luke -56 indicate that these fire signs occur at sunrise or at sunset, beginning the summer of the harvest of the saints.It has the purpose of softening up mankind to accept the Mark of the Beast which comes in on 2018Iyyar16 (6-16 day, new Chislev1 secular of Revelation13).

The Lords Witnesses are not affiliated in any way with the Jehovah's Witnesses.But we do understand that there have been 4 true Christian churches, the Way, the Light, the Truth and the Life.The 3rd Holy Spirit, the South wind, is completed at the 5th marriage on 2017Adar17 and starts blowing on veil lifting day of 2017Adar24.The 4EC water baptism ends for 3EC JWs on 2018Nisan10, the late 3rd marriage Pentecost, temple burning day new Chislev1 secular.Whereas it ends on 2018Iyyar12, the 5th marriage Pentecost, for non 3EC JWs.

That is when the water of the 4EC is turned into the wine of the 2NC Lord human mediated spirit baptism.

For God is love according to John and God is Salvation, this being the meaning of Elisha (God is salvation) and of Jesus' Hebrew name Yeshua (Jehovah/Yahweh is salvation). Hell, Gehenna, the second death, is not a place of eternal Catholic death and torture and neither is it a place of permanent Watchtower cutting off.

It is a place of temporary rehabilitation with a maximum sentence of 1,000 years, if you prove unreformable. God's righteousness puts some of his children in there but his love always pulls them out. Because it conquers all things and endures all things, even the sort of behaviour that condemns a man or an angel to Hell.

The 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18 are the stone hitting the feet of the giant man of Daniel2 and the fire from the heavens in the sight of mankind of Revelation13.

They are mushroom cloud producing nuclear terrorist attacks from the waterways around Manhattan and around London.

The final day of seizing of the prophets of Baal is 2019Nisan12 (2019April17/18), the last day of Kingdom salvation.