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Your new lady will fit right in with your family and friends and your home country.

They’re not the mild, meek and submissive types that many sites, especially the scams sites, will try to pretend they are.

They fully expect to be treated as equals, and treated with respect.

They’re looking for life partners who are independent, but are still women, and not trying to out-man them.

If that’s you, you’re going to be happy joining the CLM dating community too. First, we endeavor to ensure that we are attracting members who are genuinely interested in real & sincere relationships.

Kezia, a former singer and property developer, is the UK’s only 'Female Pick Up Coach' and says she has helped 7,000 men through her bootcamps, which cost £350 for a day or £4,000 for a seven day residential.

Kezia says her youngest ever client has been 18 and the oldest 62 and she’s had bi-sexual girls and lesbians come along to her talks too, as well as female friends who want to learn more about the psychology behind their failed relationships.They’ve already tried dating on other Asian or Chinese sites, but discovered too late they were on one of the many dating scam sites.Sites like Asian, AForeign (Love,,, and countless others that post many fake women members, send out countless fake messages and chat invitations by these fake members, and charge excessive fees to read each message, to reply to each message, for each moment chatting with a paid employee or agent, and multiply the charges by forcing the member to pay for translation for all the fakery.And the importance of friendship and family is paramount to them.A modern China woman adapts well to new cultures, surroundings and people.Most men who come to any Chinese dating site are coming out of a couple, or more, bad relationships with women in their own country.