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After defeating Margaret in the "The Power of the Wild Card" request, Orpheus and Izanagi will be reborn into Messiah and Izanagi-no-Okami; both Personas representing the World Arcana.

The protagonist of Persona 5 gains access to the World Arcana towards the end of the game's True Ending.

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The history of this world can be roughly divided into two parts, the time before the Avatar and the time of the Avatar. Prior to the Avatar's creation, lion turtles served as the protectors of mankind, allowing the humans to erect cities atop their shells. The Heroine also wears a black beret with a pink rose on the front, and another one the back, furthermore with a white ribbon tied underneath the latter.Additionally with the Heroine's preference for roses, just over the left side of her white collar, there is a large pin with a pink rose ornament.Portrayed as a young woman (or an androgyne, depending on deck) surrounded by figures of an angel, a bull, an eagle, and a lion (representations of the four elements in transcendent form, as well as the symbols of the four Evangelists (Luke, Matthew, John, and Mark respectively), The World Arcana is a representation of the world's totality, the symbol of fulfillment, wholeness, and harmony.

The World Arcana is commonly associated with Social Links, where its power is based upon the protagonist's bonds with others. Some time before Korra's era, the term "modern" was used to describe how the world of Avatar came into an industrial age. To further clarify the often confusing timeline in Avatar: The Last Airbender, this timeline and other articles date events as years before the Air Nomad Genocide (BG) and years after the genocide (AG). Whenever the inhabitants of their cities would venture into the Spirit Wilds, the creatures would bestow the people with the ability to bend the element the turtle was affiliated with; the power was to be returned upon their reentry to the city. However, after the creation of the Avatar, the lion turtles denounced their roles as protectors of mankind, and the people were left to make their own homes scattered across the world, which eventually led to the division of the world into the four nations. Her dress has numerous vertical lines running from the turtleneck to the ends of the skirt; however, near the ends of the skirt is an array of five lines running across horizontally.