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A quartet record was released digitally on May 30, 2010, including Juan, Marcel, and former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante, as well as a record of simply John and Rodriguez-Lopez, released April 30, 2010.Before this, the two had done a few collaborations and live guest appearances, even releasing a single titled "0=2" on The Special 12 Singles Series as Omar A.

The group was scheduled to be performing for the first time in the United States on May 2, 2010 at Highline Ballroom in New York, though the date was pushed back to September 17 due to "key members" not being available.

It was speculated that Dave Elitch, the current drummer of The Mars Volta, would be performing as part of ORL Group in the future, as he has been credited as having recorded with Omar apart from The Mars Volta on his website.

The album features long, largely improvised instrumentals with Dutch titles.

The quintet then collaborated with Damo Suzuki on a 25-minute EP titled Please Heat This Eventually, which was largely taken from a night recorded on their European tour in November 2005.

In September 2009, a five-track live recording of the March 11, London concert was released digitally and on limited vinyl, titled Los Sueños de un Hígado.

It featured songs from Rodriguez-Lopez's albums Se Dice Bisonte, No Bùfalo, Old Money, and Solar Gambling, the last of which would be released 3 months later, with the final track remaining, "Victimas del Cielo," released in studio form on 2010's Cizaña de los Amores.Also added were a Chicago date the night after New York, along with two west coast dates.Further touring of Russia and Europe were then scheduled for November/December, with The Mars Volta scheduled to play two festival shows in South America in October.Rodriguez-Lopez also released Ciencia de los Inútiles under the entity El Trío de Omar Rodriguez Lopez.This trio comprises Omar, Ximena and double bass player Aaron Cruz Bravo.Los Sueños de un Hígado follows the Damo Suzuki and Lydia Lunch collaborative EPs in being the only releases under the name "Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group," two of which are essentially live recordings.