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I never "notice" other women, but she does, and will point them out. She gives herself to me completely and expects to be pleased the same way. It is their BELIEF it must be this way because the man always has the best interests of the family in mind, not her "selfish" concerns, and even if she does not agree she BELIEVES I have made the best decision.

Their DREAM in life is to have a husband, children and cozy home to care for, even if it is a tiny 2 room "flat". Most never dreamed of having a car, a dishwasher, a washing machine, 24 hour hot water. A normal American life is quite luxurious to most Russian and Ukrainian women. My wife has 8 pairs of shoes and thinks it is "excessive" she has asked if now I will "run away" because she has "so many" shoes. The night gown is for wearing around the house, she sleeps naked, and holds me all night. They want their man to look good, it is a reflection on them if you don't. BUT if you think it is wonderful, it is also an awesome responsibility. They will pretend to worship you for an easy breezy ticket to the West sure. I da Ted/fuked this"traditional" Lithuanian chick for 2 years.

They are NOT materialistic and their husband and children get all before them. )) She grew up with a family of four in a flat the size of our living room now. She thinks our small (by American standards) house is about all she can care for properly. They ENJOY, crave, to look like and feel like women. My wife will not wear (or own) sweat pants, sweat shirt. She wears heels, stockings (no pantyhose) lace underwear, perfume, very attractive, sexy (but not slutty) clothes, mostly skirts or dresses but also jeans and tops, but very attractive ones, not "t-shirts". If I do NOT make decisions and DO the things I need to, she will have no use for me. It is my job to relieve her of responsibilities, not boss her around. They will pretend to worship you for an easy breezy ticket to the West sure. *always pick 4 crew* *conservative crew* *son or coathanger crew* *women shouldn't be allowed to vote crew* *always tells the truth even if it hurts crew* Some people cry and some people die by the wicked ways of love But I'll just keep on rolling along with the grace of the Lord above Yeah na. Meanwhile every two weeks when they use your money to go visit their parents back home they'll be slooting it up with their own men. She was stunningly beautiful and incredibly dedicated to me.

And ONLY your wife is "beautiful" this is a very powerful word and means "most beautiful of all". I would never initiate ( I never "ask") sex when she is feeling ill. She is open to any sexual act and will try anything (except other people) and when she knows what gives her man pleasure, she offers it willingly and enthusiastically. SHE expects her man to be a good lover and satisfy her also and to treat her like a princess.

Other women are "attractive", only SHE can be beautiful for you. She would not refuse me, I promise, but she would think I am abusive and not considering her. Remember they receive TRUE pleasure from giving pleasure to their man. I give her a bath several times a week, wash her hair, put her lotion on her. They expect their man to consider their opinion and listen to them. When I decide something, it is decided there is no question, no argueing, no hard feelings.

(having good food is not something they always had, it is highly regarded) When I head home, I call her and dinner is ready when I arrive home. For one thing, there is a high percentage of beautiful women in Russia and Ukraine, it is incredible.

We eat together, usually with candles on the table. They DO expect a man to do "man" things and help when he can. But also they NEVER go out of the house unless they look beautiful and they always look beautiful for their man. I would need a book, a large one, to tell you the difference and basically was tempted to throw rocks at American women after living there. Most importantly, I mean MOST importantly, they will not tolerate abuse, verbal, physical or otherwise AT ALL!!!! They are similar but I found Ukrainians have a better sense of humor and are more outgoing in general. They are not subservient robots and they expect to be treated in kind.If I sat at an outdoor cafe and ordered a "Coca-Cola Lite" before the drink came there would be 1 or 2 or 3 women sitting at my table and chatting me up.Finding dates is like falling off a log, even easier. Men who don't drink alcohol (not many) are highly regarded (I don't drink alcohol at all).She expects me to do anything I CAN do for her and the family and not complain, just like she does. I think a Russian/Urkainian woman would rather cut off her arms and legs than cheat on a good man. Not only would she not cheat, she won't even do anything to make me suspicious. The determining factor is how she feels about you, not her nationality.