Youtube dating tips

Communication is key, she believes, and so is making honest connections with other people, even if it doesn’t appear on the surface that the two of you have anything in common.

Her advice is simple, trustworthy and actually works.

Some of their advice can even be applied to non romantic relationships as well.

These relationship experts understand that knowing the right things to do in a relationship can be confusing and at times overwhelming, too.

They use their own personal experiences and share advice from other experts as well to help you form and maintain better relationships.

I don’t agree with ALL of her videos, but she’s usually very intelligent, helpful, and honest.

She relates well with teens and young adults, because she’s a young adult herself.

He makes an effort in his videos to point out and correct many of the common mistakes people make in relationships and things they can do to improve their dating lives.

He also focuses on getting women’s perspectives on what is attractive, how to approach the opposite sex and how to be datable.

Laurel House is the host of the Screwing the Rules of Dating You Tube channel and author of the book of the same name.

She gives honest and relatable dating advice you might not have heard before.

Also keep an eye out for their popular and entertaining “social experiments.” Hayley Quinn is not only a professional dating coach, but a professional matchmaker as well.

This means she knows what makes two people compatible with one another, and she uses this knowledge to both her advantage and yours.

She has hosted her own documentary, collaborated with other You Tubers and is most famous for her “10 Reasons Why …” dating advice series.